Subscription Fees
Subscription fees cover secure access to the private subscriber website and all its content. Fees are payable in advance of access to the subscription website and accounts will start from the first login to the site.

Cancellation Policy
If a subscriber wishes to cancel their account their request should be made via the website's Contact Us section.  Any subscription fee, less a £50 handling charge, will be refunded pro rata from the date of the cancellation request.

Access Policy
Subscriptions are supplied on good faith that subscribers will access the website based on their account level. Subscribers must not transfer or give out their login details to anyone not covered by their subscription. Access to the subscriber website is monitored and should any suspect activity be flagged, we reserve the right to cancel said subscription. The subscriber will also forfeit any outstanding balance on their account. We also reserve the right to take legal action against any and all breaches of these terms.

Copyright and IPR
All original content of this website is copyrighted to the Gunn Report Ltd (unless otherwise stated) and no content may be used outside of this site without the express written permission of The Gunn Report's management team. No copying, downloading or other reproduction is permitted.

Privacy and Personal Data
Please see our Privacy Policy section for more information.