Quiz Finished

Christmas Quiz Winners

Thank you very much to the many hundreds of participants in our 2015 Christmas Quiz. It must have been particularly difficult this year as we only had 1 competitor achieving a perfect 20 out of 20 correct score, so many congratulations to Mael Falvet! Only six participants managed to answer 19 questions out of 20 and four participants answered 18 questions correctly.

Our top brilliant 2015 winners are:

Mael FalvetDDB Paris, France
Ivan ChurilinABC Show, Russia
Paula CatanyLatinSpots, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Soledad GherardiLatinSpots, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Noelia LezcanoLatinSpots, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Irina PigalOgilvy & Mather, Kyiv, Ukraine
Solenne LedouxY&R, Paris, France
Paco CabreraDDB, Barcelona, Spain
George FloydAcademy Films, London, United Kingdom
Cedric DoucetPublicorp, Paris, France
Guillaume MartinBETC, Paris, France

Many congratulations to all! Particularly to Cedric, Guillaume, Ivan, Mael and Solenne who were also 2014 winners and it's great to see three Argentinean friends winning this year too. Those winners who are not yet subscribers will get one year's free subscription to The Gunn Report Online (worth £295). Those who are already subscribers can nominate a friend. The Gunn Report 2015 is scheduled for release on our website at the end of January.

The answers to the quiz are below. If you would like to see some of these ads, check out the Christmas Quizz Reel featured on the homepage of www.gunnreport.com and in the Guest Playlist section of 'And The Rest':


“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” has been the theme of commercials featuring a dreamer, a surfer, a former Olympic swimmer, and racing snails.  The brand is?



John Lewis

Heinz Ketchup


The “Ice Bucket Challenge” took 2 Grand Prix and 11 Golds at Cannes 2015.  And – even better – took $98.2m in donations in July-August 2014.  How many countries had participants?





Who is the director with the most commercials (a total of 3) in the recent Gunn Report reel “The 20 Best Commercials of the 21st Century. So Far”? 

Daniel Kleinman

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Matthijs van Heijningen


Whose famous print campaign in Asia had ads pairing a bushman and eskimo, a husky and camel, a mountain goat and crocodile? 

WWF/World Wildlife Fund

Chrysler Jeep



A major Russian city had a chronic potholes problem.  URA.RU (online mag.) had caricatures of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Governor graffitied around the potholes overnight.  The roads were fixed.  The city was? 

Saint Petersburg

Nizhny Novgorod



In Telecom Personal’s Mothers’ Day commercial of 2009 in Argentina just the sight of a cute, grinning, gurgling baby in his buggy turns women instantly pregnant.  The song under is? 

“Be My Baby”/The Ronettes

“Take Good Care of my Baby”/Bobby Vee

“Baby I Love You”/The Ramones


Which of these famous automotive brands engineered a road which plays a tune – if you drove at the right speed, that is?

Volvo Trucks in Sweden

Dunlop Tyres in Japan

Toyota Hilux in New Zealand


Who installed rainbow-coloured cash machines – Gay TM’s – to help celebrate Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2014?


Virgin Money Australia

ANZ Bank

McDonald’s of Australia (aka: Maccas)


Who in a famous 1984 commercial demanded to know “Where’s The Beef”?

Robert Mitchum

Whoopi Goldberg

Clara Peller


The USA still has the biggest level of advertising spending of any country in the world.  Second to the USA comes?






In car companies, the heroes are the engineers.  In this famous commercial, the engineers – in their obsession for safety and comfort –  perform in the ads as car parts.  The carmaker is? 





A Print question.  Keith Richard’s fingers, Joe Cocker’s vocal chords and Iggy Pop’s heart were subjects in an anti-music piracy campaign signed off by?

Dr Dre

EMI Records

BBC Radio 2


In this online campaign with cameras running 24/7, two women in their underwear have kidnapped the product’s salesman and tied him to the bedposts.  The product is? 

Under Armour


Wren Clothing


Focal point of the 2014 campaign for Honda Internavi was a spectacular light and sound installation on Japan’s Suzuka circuit.  On which F1 driver’s 1989 fastest lap soundtrack was this based? 

Alain Prost

Ayrton Senna

Emerson Fittipaldi


Carlton Draught Beer in Australia has done many famous commercials among them “Beer Chase” (2013) “Slo Mo” (2010) and “Big Ad” (2006).  Which iconic commercial from 1990 (it’s in “The 100 Best”) does “Big Ad” spoof? 


British Airways “World Face”

Energiser “Bunny”

Egoiste Cologne for Men “Balconies”


A white mouse gave a demonstration of power steering in a 1992 ad from South Africa.  CD/AD and Writer were John Hunt, Matthew Bull and Tony Granger.  The car was? 

Audi S4 Quattro

BMW 318i

Mercedes-Benz SLK


In Chipotle’s animated commercial “Back to the Start”, music under is a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.  The singer is…?

Kenny Rogers

Ricky Skaggs

Willie Nelson


Which product or services, in a 1991 prize-winning spot, made the claim: “We’ve broken the Italians of a bad habit”?


Johnnie Lambs Boxer Shorts

Barilla Pasta

RAI/Radio Televisione Italiano


Which of these British Prime Ministers was portrayed as a young child (albeit fictionally) in a 1986 ad for Heinz Baked Beans?


Margaret Thatcher

Tony Blair

Sir Winston Churchill


Which of these top global brands has not (yet) won the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix (started in 2011)?




A very happy and successful New Year to all!
Donald, Emma and Amanda